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The problem with snoring

Many people think it’s annoying when people around them snore. I’d like to suggest it’s life threatening.

Two weeks ago the police broke into my house because they thought I was dead. I was, in fact, upstairs trying to snooze. Because Mike snores, I wear ear plugs and I’ve really gotten to like them. No thunder storms. No little birdies early in the morning. No police pounding on your door when the water guys who are trying to replace the main in your street need to access to your basement and they know you’re in there because they just talked to you minutes earlier. That’s when they think you’re dead and they justify calling the police to break into your house. That’s embarrassing.

Today I took a snooze again. Probably the second time since I woke to a stranger in a police uniform in my hallway. That tends to make you want to stay up.

After a really nice nap, and it was a long one since my electricity was out, I came downstairs and there were several guys in my backyard wearing orange coats, boots, helmets and stuff. And the look on their face when they saw me inside was priceless. You see they had evacuated the entire neighborhood, a 3 block radius, when I first lay down. I remember telling Pete, my Bichon, to hush. And he actually obeyed this time. The water guys hit the gas line to the house across the street from mine and there was a gas leak! All they could say was, “Lady, you’ve been in there ALL THIS TIME??? Holy ****!”
The street was filled with all sorts of emergency vehicles, fire trucks and my old friends from the police department. . .

You realize this is all Mike’s fault!

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  • Phyllis Harmony
    May 19, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Yes, indeed, my old buddy Rudy Dude does ALL things well!! Wonderful entertainment with my morning coffee, except that I don’t take anything in my coffee, so I had to dump it out with all the spit that flew into it as I read your episode. Too stinking funny girl.

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