Passionate about wellness, both spiritual and physical, Rudy’s keynotes, retreats, conferences and workshops use humor to encourage women to step out to be all they were meant to be and to see today’s challenges as tomorrow’s credentials.

Rudy custom designs each program to meet your needs, focus, and audience dynamic.

Keynotes, Retreats, Conferences, Workshops, Mother Daughter Events


Rudy Wilson Galdonik, Humorist, Speaker and Author of "Take Heart!"

Finding God in the Funny

“Got Heart?” explores what Biblical truth tells us about issues that impact real life and sustainable joy.  Issues of surrender, the power of the Holy Spirit, feeling invisible and forgiveness will be explored. By learning the five key principles of living with heart, women will be able to open themselves up to possibilities beyond what the world can offer. As a retreat, women will participate in a Christ-centered guided meditation that will enable them to release stress and focus on God’s will for their lives.

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“There was a great mix of Christian teaching, practical living advice according to biblical principles and humor. It was a good balance and a setting that would enable one to bring a friend who doesn’t believe.” ~ Chris Giblin

Help, I’m Drowning, Throw Me a Laugh!

It is easy to get caught up in the everyday rush and fail to see the humor all around. Humor relieves stress and every aspect of our life improves when we give ourselves permission to be open to the funny. . .relationships thrive and overall satisfaction increases when we take time to laugh at our circumstances and ourselves. This program focuses on the use and power of humor. It can be used as a keynote or a workshop. It is recommended only for groups that would like a strong focus on having a good time.

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“God will change the way you see Him, through Rudy’s experiences. You will be as blessed as I was. ~ Kate Brady Walker

Got Heart? Living From The Inside Out

Powerful. Riveting. Life changing. Rudy uses humor to share her spiritual journey with God. Through 2 open-heart surgeries to correct a birth defect and widowhood at age 42, Rudy went from an occasional church attendee to someone who has grown totally dependent on God. If you are looking for a carefully crafted testimony that blends tears with laughter and is not soon forgotten, then this program will exceed your expectations. Rudy’s testimony is an excellent choice as a community outreach and a powerful testimony for non-believers as well as an encouragement for grounded Christians.

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“As an expert in being sick, Rudy encourages individuals to become their own best healthcare advocates and she helps healthcare organizations embrace patient and family centered principles and practices”

Wake Up And Smell The Heart Disease

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Are we making choices that reflect that belief?

As a lifelong heart patient with over $40,000 worth of equipment in her chest, Rudy is passionate about educating women about heart disease. As a Christian, she uses her God-given gifts to educate, inspire, uplift and encourage women about making healthy life choices.

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“Rudy has a beautiful spirit and is able to share the word of God through her awesome humor. Rudy’s easygoing nature also made her a delight to work with as a a speaker. I am sure Rudy would be a blessing to any group as she was to ours.” ~ Bonnie Schrowang, Londonderry Presbyterian Church

When God Says, “Go Take a Hike,”, Stepping Out in Faith

Many people who claim to follow God live safe, unfruitful lives. But God has a perfect plan for each and every person. It is when we seek after Him for direction, guidance and love and we are willing to step out in faith that things really begin to happen. We are all created for a purpose and it is God who fills us with  passion and brings us to a place where we grow totally dependent on Him. . . all to His glory.

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“Rudy doesn’t tell you how to have a friendship with God. She shows you how! ~ Mary Pat Denci