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Good Day!

Today is my birthday and that makes it a good day, especially when you’ve had docs, sitting at the end of your bed, say, “Rudy, you really should be dead.” Like the time I walked around with a burst appendix for 2 weeks, continually poking at my side, thinking I had eaten a bad piece of shrimp.

Or the time I was in cardiac failure and prior to surgery, I took a dip in a hot tub (to relax). Something in that one caused my poor cardiologist to hyperventilate and I wondered if I would need to resuscitate him.

Or the time I forgot to put the brake on my Trooper, parked at the top of a hill, and I ran down the hill and CAUGHT it!
Folks, I know one day God will say, “OK, enough with these birthdays.” And that’s the day I also know I’ll meet Jesus, face to face, what a good day that’ll be!

Have a great day!

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  • Phyllis Harmony
    August 3, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Is this the birthday of my precious Rudy Dude? I am so glad you have made it to this point and all the other points where you naively did something that could have prevented me from knowing you. Thank you Lord, that you watch over her and thank you Rud for being so innocent to not know danger when you are in the mouth of the lion.

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